10Ton Overhead bin

532 Cu.Ft. or 430 Bu Overall Height-21’9″ Price – $7000

15Ton Overhead bin

765 Cu.FL or 617 Bu Overall Height-24’9″ Price – $8000

30 Ton Overhead bin

1381 Cu.Ft. or 1113 Bu Overall Height-27’8″ Price – $8500

35 Ton Overhead bin

1721 Cu Ft or 1388 Bu Overall Height-30’8″ Price – $9500

About Us

Brazos Fabrication is a sister company of Brazos Trailer Manufacturing LLC. Based in small town east Texas we understand the life of farming and raising cattle. Started in 2018 during the hay shortage we saw the need for more farmers to start buying feed in bulk to offer better financial freedom while keeping the American farming traditions alive Fabrication.com.

standard Equipment

45 deg. bottom cone slope, skid 11’6″ X 5.5″ thick wall tubing, New 12ga steel construction, Wind Turbine and 4 air vents to promote positive air flow, Exterior ladder, Canvas windsock, Ground control top lid opener, Ground control and hand control chute opener, Coated Interior Tan In Color.

Optional Upgrades

Divider-$2000 Bucket Chute-$400 Caged ladder and Catwalk with railing – $2000 Blow Tube with Support-$1200
Digital scales with Printer-$6500 4’x3′ custom Ranch Brand (Sticker)-$500 Interior Ladder – $200 each

30 Ton Custom Color

Double Bucket Chutes

Safety Package

Nutritional facts that can savemoney on buying food in bulk!

  • Feeding 100 head, approximately 5lbsper head per day will allow you to payfor your new 30 Ton Bin in about 3 yrs.Over a 10 yr process this allowsprofit approximately $17,000 above thecost of your new bin.
  • In comparison of traditional pressedcube feed in the sack, to buyingblended ratio in bulk The per ton costsavings is approximately $93 per ton.Feeding 100 head, approximately 5lbsper day will allow you to pay for a new30 ton bin in 1 year. This is a costsavings of $76,500 over a 10 yr periodafter the purchase of a new 30TonBrazos bin.
  • Buying and feeding in bulk quantities isa significant cut in labor cost allowing you to feed more livestock in a shortertime period.
  • Bulk feeding is a safer alternative to feedingfrom bags and fighting the herd.

Facts and pricing provided by Livestock nutrition Center, Saginaw TX(817)-232-8161 and North East Texas Farmers COOP, Sulphur Springs TX (903)-885-3143. Info Provided as of 10/2018

Nationwide Delivery Available